Experience (A selection of project history)

Wildland Firefighting
End User: United States Forest Service and all cooperating agencies (Oregon Department of Forestry, BLM, BIA, National Park Service and other State Firefighting agencies)

  • Currently hold 12 of 41 (29%) of the National Type II Initial Attack hand crew contracts with the National Interagency Fire Center.
  • Consistently receive high marks on performance evaluations.
  • Have fought fire in every western state and many other states including Florida and Alaska

Cold Weather 250 person remote Alaskan camp (2013)
End User: Shell

  • Provided equipment to construct 250 person base camp for deployment in the event of a disaster in a remote area of Alaska.  Requires staging an entire camp at a secure location to be available for deployment at a moments notice, as part of an emergency response plan.
  • Included manufacturing containerized kitchens, laundry, toilets and showers.

Remote International Base Camps [Multiple] (2012-2013)
End User: Large International Mining Corporation

  • Provided equipment and personnel to construct 3 separate base camps with occupancies of 800, 1010, 1208 respectively in Panama.
  • Included manufacturing over 230 containerized housing units with multiple layouts.
  • Provided personnel to perform complete build-out of base camps including kitchen, dining, hygiene, ablution, power distribution, plumbing distribution, laundry, shower and housing facilities.  Also included design layout services.

Hurricane Isaac Response (2012)
End User: Louisiana Department of Social Services

  • Mobilize personnel and equipment to set-up over 50 separate Comfort Stations (forward operating bases) in 21 different Louisiana Parishes.  Required over 250 personnel and a multitude of equipment to establish and manage facilities in less than 12 hours.
  • Providing the facilities allowed the State of Louisiana to issue over $103.9 million in benefits to 263,815 households and 537,613 people through its Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
  • Equipment and services included power generation, temporary shelters, security, tables, chairs, lighting, portable toilets, garbage service, ice, water and facility management.
  • Also mobilized 80 incident command system trained and experienced personnel to manage 2 mass

Remote Mining Camp (2011)
End User:  Mining Company

  • Mobilized, setup, and managed a 25 person camp in a very remote area near McCall, Idaho. Services provided included mobile showers, mobile laundry, toilets, a small kitchen, dining area, billeting with A/C and heat, power generation, a camp manager, head chef, assistant chef, and camp assistant that is EMT qualified. Included coordination and delivery of supplies and food to remote area.

Hurricane Gustav (2008)
End User: State of Louisiana, Department of Social Services

  • Mobilized 100 Logistics Unit Leaders, Incident Commanders, and Base Camp Managers in 48 hours
  • Managed 10 evacuation shelters across Louisiana, including medical facility and senior center, for 5 weeks

End User: State of Louisiana, Department of Social Services

  • Mobilized equipment and personnel and set up 50 Comfort Stations across Louisiana in 72 hours to disperse aid to citizens
  • Each Comfort Station included 7,200 ft² of tenting and flooring, power, fans, tables, chairs, toilets, etc. and was deployed for 4 weeks
  • Hurricane Ike’s arrival 11 days later forced the tear-down and evacuation of 37 stations south of I-10. All stations were operational within 48 hrs of Ike’s passing.

Hurricane Ike (2008)
End Users: British Petroleum (BP) and Shell Oil Company

  • Mobilized and set-up a 250-person and a 500-person full service base camp for end users British Petroleum and Shell Oil in Texas.
  • Managed each camp for 4 weeks as their employees worked to repair their facilities

Full Scale Exercise (FSE) Nevada Earthquake (2007)
Customer: Nevada National Guard and Nevada Division of Emergency Management

  • Deployed and set-up two separate base camps; 150 person camp in Fallon, NV and 500 person camp in Stead, NV.
  • Managed base camp operations for 10 days.

Hurricanes Katrina & Rita (2005-’06)
Customer: FEMA

  • Furnished three full service base camps housing agency personnel, emergency responders, contractors and volunteers.
  • McNeese Base Camp, Lake Charles, LA: Mobilized and built a 2,000 person full-service base camp for emergency responders in 72 hours. Operated this camp for 5 weeks in the Fall ‘05.
  • Camp Cameron, Cameron, LA: Deployed and set-up a 500-person Emergency Operations Center housing emergency responders in 24 hours. This was the only operational facility within an 80 mile radius to provide support to first responders. Operated this camp for 9 months from Oct ’05 – June ’06.
  • Port Sulphur Base Camp, Port Sulphur, LA; Assigned responsibility for an existing 500-person Emergency Responder camp due to the previous contractor’s poor performance. GFP trucked in 25 dump truck loads of rock to raise the camp shelters and catering out of the mud and standing water. Operated this camp for 5 months from Jan – June 2006.

Hurricane Ivan (2004)
End User: FEMA

  • Provided 50+ personnel to perform house-to-house search and rescue following Ivan’s landfall in Alabama and Florida.

Space Shuttle Columbia Recovery Mission (2003)
End User: NASA

  • Provided 60 search and rescue personnel trained in Incident Command System to Texas crash site. Deployed for 2-months in dense scrub and nettle searching for shuttle debris.